External Qi Healing

External Qi Healing is a method of healing performed by an experienced QiGong practictioner through
light therapeutic touch or no touch at all.  While maintaining a healing presence for the client, the

practitioner assesses the client for qi imbalances.  The client, fully clothed, stands, sits, or lays
on a treatment table during the healing session.  The length of the session varies.  
The QiGong

practitioner assesses the client by lightly touching the spine, hands, or feet, or through a series

of non-contact scans of the front and back of the body.  The treatment begins by deeply sensing

the qi of the client.  Areas of congestion, depletion, weakness, heat, cold, etc are noted. The

practitioner then addresses these areas, treating them with the appropriate technique to stimulate

and circulate qi, smooth out and balance the flow of qi, and return the client to a balanced state

without excesses or insufficiencies.  Illness is the result of qi imbalances.


The benefits of External Qi Healing include: improved quality of life, better sleep, more energy,
pain relief, improved digestion, and a healthier attitude.  Because External Qi Healing is a

non-invasive, gentle healing modality it is appropriate for everyone.​

The cost of a session is $50.  To schedule your personal External Qi Healing session in Maryland please send an email  to enerqiflows@gmail.com