Frequently Asked Questions

What is QiGong?

     QiGong, pronounced "chee gung," means energy exercise.  It is a combination of meditation and slow, beautiful movements to relax the body and calm the mind.  This health maintenance system was developed and practiced by the ancient Chinese to prevent disease. Now QiGong is becoming world known for its ability to reduce the physical and mental effects of stress.

What if I cannot stand?

     You can participate in QiGong while standing or sitting down.  Anyone can practice QiGong- no strain is placed on the body and no equipment is necessary.

How is it different from Tai Chi?

    Like Tai Chi, QiGong cultivates an expanded level of awareness of the presence of qi (life energy) in and around the body.  Both involve movements designed to clear blocked qi to enhance qi circulation while bringing balance to the body.  Tai Chi is taught like a martial art, with a lot of detail in the geometry of the movements.  In contrast, QiGong is about the intention of the movement.  You move to your ability.  In doing so, you immediately realize the benefits of a QiGong practice.

What are the benefits?

     QiGong enhances your immune function, reduces the ill effects of stress, prevents disease, calms the mind and emotions, lowers blood pressure, increases flexibility, cultivates energy, treats chronic pain, and improves sleep.