Listed below are healers that have blessed members of the Women's QiGong Group.

Karl Ardo - Moving in Stillness


Karl has been involved with energy work since 1974, having studied Tai Chi, meditation, and energy balancing. Karl has been teaching Tai Chi since 1994, most notably at Martial Art of America in Columbia (1997), and before that at World Martial Art (1994-1996). Karl is currently certified as a Medical QiGong instructor, a Level III Advanced QiGong Instructor, and a Clinical Practitioner and is a Certified Zero Balancer. He is a member of the International Congress of Oriental Medicine and Martial Arts, and has completed The Chinmaya Lesson-Course.

Julie Payne-Funk


In April 2008, I graduated with honors from the Baltimore School of Massage, the oldest massage therapy school on the East Coast. While attending school full-time, I also studied various modalities of energy healing and am a certified Reconnective Healing® practitioner authorized to offer The Reconnection®.   I continue to enjoy learning more about energy work, and how it can be used to facilitate pain relief, enhance relaxation, increase vitality and expand our spiritual potential.

Dr. Grant Zhang - Grant Zhang Accupuncture


Dr. Grant Zhang graduated from the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1984 with a Bachelor of Medicine degree. He furthered his training at this school and received his Masters degree in herbology in1987.  Dr. Zhang received his Ph.D. from West Virginia University in 1994, majoring in molecular oncology. He has been a Maryland licensed acupuncturist since 1995.

Dr. Zhang is well known for his gentle needling technique, efficient follow up, and compassionate interaction with patients. He enters the patient relationship as their partner while emphasizing preventive approaches to maintain optimal health. He has been particularly interested in issues with women’s health, elderly care and anti-aging approaches.