Medical QiGong

20 Yin Yang / QiGong for Longevity

A health maintenance system developed by the Chinese thousands of years ago, this standing meditation with slow, gentle movements helps prevent disease and improve health by clearing blocked qi (life energy) and opening energetic pathways in the body. The simple movements release tension held in the body eliminating the ill effects of stress, reducing pain, strengthening the immune system, increasing flexibility and bringing the body into balance. Anyone can do it. No strain is placed on the body. The active and meditative aspects of this form do much to create peace within. Participants will learn the standing meditation posture (can also be done seated), qi circulation patterns in the body, natural breathing, gentle movements to prepare the body for energy work, and the 20 Yin-Yang moves of Medical QiGong.

The twenty movements of this form include:

Big Roc Stretches its Wings ∞ Water Lily Rising from the Pond ∞ Goldfish Wiggles Tail ∞ Ripples and Waves in the Water ∞ Lion Twirls Ball ∞ Peacock Fans Tail ∞ A Pair of Swallows Flying Side by Side ∞ Figure Eight ∞ Willow Tree Blowing in the Breeze ∞ Rotating the Universe ∞ Water Cascades Down Mountain ∞ Wind Swirls Lotus Leaves ∞  Embrace Yin Yang ∞ Colored Butterfly Dances in the Air ∞ Water Beads Rolling on Lotus Leaves ∞ Qi Sinks to Dantien 

This form was taught to me by Karl Ardo. Karl is a Certified Five Element Medical QiGong and Meditation Teacher, NQA Certified QiGong Clinical Therapist & Level III Advanced Instructor, & Certified Zero Balancer.  He has studied, practiced, and taught several types of Chinese disciplines including Medical QiGong, meditation and Tai Chi since 1974. In addition, Karl teaches advanced QiGong Healing of others (hands on the body healing techniques) and provides private individual sessions in QiGong and Zero Balancing.