Taiji QiGong

A system of whole body QiGong with twelve individual movements that is similar to the famous art of Taiji Quan. This particular form is practiced to promote health and longevity, healing, and stress reduction. It is a great way to increase circulation, improve balance and coordination, and enhance the immune system.  This class includes warm-up exercises to prepare the body for the movements of Taiji Qigong and standing meditation (can be done seated) to help clear the mind.

The twelve movements of this form include:

Great Crane Opens Wings ∞ Upper Ward Off and Rolling Back ∞ Double Dragon Coming Out of the Sea ∞ Heaven and Earth Changing ∞ Willow Tree Swaying ∞ Cloud Hands ∞ Turning to Look at the Mountain ∞ Bend Bow Shoot Tiger ∞ Crane Step Cat Walk ∞ Immortal Child Playing Ball ∞ Embrace Grand Ultimate ∞ Grand Ultimate Ball.​

This form was taught to me by Jeremy Harlow.  Jeremy is a direct disciple of Grandmaster Huang, Chien-Liang and is a certified Taiji Quan instructor through the U.S. Kuoshu Federation and the Wu Kui Headquarters. Through the National Qigong Association, he is a certified level III Advanced Qigong Instructor and Qigong Clinical Practitioner. Along with practicing Native American Ceremony and Shamanism since 1996, Jeremy has studied the healing and martial arts since 1994.